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Why Is the Optimal Plan So Important

The philosophy and approach we take to financial planning is ever more important to the real estate investor. Real estate investors typically have heavy responsibilities, which leaves little time for keeping up with your financial affairs. As a result, you are left to rely on an array of separate professionals in the financial planning field who don’t communicate with one another, are motivated to sell you products you may not need, and typically don’t offer ongoing support. 

The OPtimal Financial Group

The Optimal Plan bridges this gap. We are your advocate – we serve as your financial quarterback where every aspect of your financial plan is engineered, properly implemented, maintained to answer questions, and give you the coaching and guidance your profession demands. With over 100 real estate investing clients spread amongst the states, we have a history of delivering unparalleled results in this niche. We help our investors understand:

  • Passive Loss Limitations
  • The Real Estate Professional Exception
  • How to Qualify for the Exception
  • Additional Safe Harbor Requirements and NII
  • Dealer vs. Investor Issues
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Partial Disposition Analysis

Tax Mitigation

Comprehensive tax planning for investors starts with entity structuring. Each entity structure has unique tax attributes that, when properly utilized, allow professionals to control how income is taxed. We fit each entity structure to your financial life and ensure that earned income is taxed in the most favorable manner. We also seek to maximize passive income through your entity structures, which is the most favored form of income for a taxpayer. We structure a compensation formula that mitigates the cost of payroll taxation is compliant with IRS regulations, and, at the same time, allows you to fully fund the recommended retirement plan.

We evaluate the mix of benefits that you are paying for and attempt to structure these costs so that they are paid with pre-tax rather than post-tax dollars. We evaluate the cost to cover your employees through your company-sponsored retirement plan and customize the plan document to your workforce to ensure that the largest possible plan contribution gets allocated to your account. Finally, we coach and mentor you throughout the year to ensure that your tax plan achieves the optimal results.

Success Stories from Real Investors

“One of the best decisions we made was using Optimal Financial Group. They know real estate tax laws like no one else, and they use their knowledge to help us build our business and pay the least amount in taxes! We actually got a huge refund our first year! I called Jamie one time saying I was so overwhelmed with trying to figure out my books that I didn’t want to buy any more houses. Her response was simple, “Keep buying houses, we will figure it out!”

– Tommy & Jana Gillis, Austin, TX -Firefighters Buy Houses

“We have worked with many accounting firms over the years, but Jamie is by far the best! We have received excellent customer service, with quick responses to questions or requests, that shows a true dedication to her clients. We cannot imagine running our business without her. The Optimal Financial Group has a full team of accountants and attorneys, so you know you are receiving a well-balanced approach. Jamie is also an experienced investor and thus understands an investor’s needs. She is truly the person you want on your Real Estate Team!”

– Bill and Elaine Fleming, Austin, TX

“Jamie has been the link for me to correctly set up 5 new companies this past year. They have been there advising and strategizing with me on where to take my business with all of the tax advantages available. It’s not about how much we make, it’s about how much we can keep to get to financial freedom. I am very happy to have Optimal Financial on my Power Team.”

– Margaret Ennis, Austin, TX – TX Real Estate Brokers & TX Real Estate Management